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Trainorama NSWGR 32 Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive

The C32 class was a class of steam locomotives built for the New South Wales Government Railways of Australia with the first batch of 50 locomotives delivered between February 1892 and July Beyer, Peacock and Company. They were introduced as the "P" Class. Further orders for the 32 Class saw a total of 191 of them being built by several builders including Beyer, Peacock and Company (106), Baldwin Locomotive Works (20), Clyde Engineering (45) and Eveleigh Railway Workshops (20) with the last locomotive being delivered in April 1911. The initial 50 were built with six wheel tenders, the remainder with eight wheel bogie tenders. Many of the originals were later equipped with bogie tenders, however a number of the class kept the shorter tenders to enable them to be turned on the 50-foot (15.24 m) turntables at certain locations as the bogie tenders were too long.

The 32 Class became the universal workhorse of the NSW railways. They worked express passenger and local passenger services including Newcastle Flyers, Caves Express and the South Coast Daylight Express. They also worked goods and branchline mixed trains across virtually the entire NSW railways.

The first of the 32 class to be withdrawn was 3264 following an accident at Otford in July 1956. Following the arrival of the 48 class diesels from 1959 withdrawals began. On 24 July 1971 the last regularly steam-hauled passenger train in New South Wales was hauled by 3246 from Newcastle to Singleton. In December 1971 3229 (a shunting locomotive at Goulburn Depot) was the last of its class to be withdrawn. Of the 191 locomotives only 4 have been preserved 3203, 3214, 3237, 3265. Currently 3237 and 3265 are still operational.

Trainorama released the NSWGR 32 Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive in July 2008.The model is DCC and sound ready with an 8 pin plug.

In this installation we have chosen the ESU LokSound Range decoders, such as the LokSound V4.0 (Sound) and for those not interested in sound the LokPilot V4.0 (No Sound). We have created a nice 32 Class Sound Project with recordings from 3265 taken in 2015.

New Headlight Operation

We have also modified the headlight operation to resemble prototypical operation.

In the past you would have turned off the sound (Pressing F8) and all the sounds including the generator would stop playing but your headlight would remain on and you would have to turn it off separately. Well no more...

Press the headlight button (F0) to turn on the generator. The headlight won't turn on until enough power has been generated to turn the light on dimmed. While the generator is on the headlight stays on. If you press F8 to shut down and turn the loco sound off which will include the generator then the headlight will also turn off even if you haven't turned the headlight off itself using the headlight button.

Also added are:

· High Beam Headlight Function allowing you switch the headlight from low beam to high beam and a press of a button (F6)

· Optional Low Beam headlight when reversing.

The DCC Solutions Custom 32 Class Sound Project contains sounds from the operational 3265.

The NSWGR 32 Class Custom Sound Project includes:

· Recorded Sounds from 3265.

· Cold Boiler Start Up Sequence including boiler water fill, fire up sequence, boiler pressure reached before moving off.

· Optional Quick Hot Start Up Sequence - Straight to waiting for boiler pressure to be reach before moving off.

· Short Blast and Playable Whistle

· C32 Compressor

· Playable stationary boiler/steam sounds including random sounds.

· Random Drive Sounds including track squeal, compressor, injectors, coal shovelling, and more.

· Individual Coupling and Release Options depending on the locomotive's direction.

· Water filling tender sounds.

· Generator controlled Headlight with delay. The headlight is activated by the generator sound rather than the light turning on the generator.

· When the loco stops after braking the compressor cuts in.

· Guard's Whistle

· High Beam Headlight Function allowing you switch the headlight from low beam to high beam and back.

· Optional low beam headlight when reversing.

· Automatic 3 blast whistle when reversing.

· Motor and drive settings including sound volumes tuned to specifically suit the model including wheel rotation chuff sync.

· Master sound volume can be adjusted by the user allowing you to go louder or softer to suit personal requirements.


Standard DCC Installation: Non sound decoder

Basic Sound Installation: Soundtraxx ECONAMI or TCS WOW Steam Sound Decoder with generic factory steam sounds.

Premium Sound Installation ESU V4.0 sound decoder programmed with the DCC Solutions Custom Sound Project with sounds from 3265.

Here is the selection of sound and functions using the ESU V4.0 Sound Decoder


Premium Sound Installation

Function                       Description   

0 (HEADLIGHT)          Headlight with Generator Sound

1                               Short Blast Whistle

2  (WHISTLE)               Playable Whistle

3                              Coupling (Reverse) /Uncoupling (Forward)

4                              Cylinder Steam Release

5                              Guard's Whistle

6                              High Beam Headlight

7                              Shunting Mode/Reduces Speed 50%

8                              Cold Boiler Start Up Sound On/Off/Mute

9                              Reserved (Light Mod)

10                              Reserved (Light Mod)

11                              Reserved (Light Mod)

12                              Reserved (Light Mod)

13                              Injectors

14                              Hot Boiler Start Up Sound On/Off/Mute

Function                       Description   

15                              Blower

16                              Compressor

17                              Coal Shovelling

18                              Wheel Flange Squeal

19                              NSWGR Guard's Whistle 2

20                              Volume Control (+/-) Double Key Press

21                              Volume Fader - Reduces Sound 50%

22                              Dimmed Headlight Reversing + Generator

23                              Tender Water Fill

24                              Sanding Valve

25                              Safety Valves

26                              Headlight On/Off (No Generator for Silent Running)

27                              Ash Pan Empty

28                              Disable Brake Sound

Note: The above functions are for the LokSound V4.0 Decoder programmed with DCC Solutions Custom Sound Project. The functions and sounds will be different for other Sound Decoders. To learn how to use these functions see the Info & Help page. All functions can be reprogrammed to suit your own personal requirements.

Click Here to contact DCC Solutions to enquire about DCC with Sound for your Trainorama 32 Class Locomotive