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Southern Rail Xplorers/Endeavour DCC Sound Installation

with Lighting Modifications

Now available with our NEW Remastered

ESU LokSound 5 Custom Sound Project

About the NSW Xplorer/Endeavour

The NSW Xplorer is a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train operated by NSW Railways on country passenger rail services in New South Wales from Sydney to Armidale, Moree, Broken Hill, Griffith and Canberra. The first Xplorers entered service in October 1993, and are mechanically identical to the Endeavours but feature a higher level of passenger amenity than the Endeavour railcars. All 23 carriages were built by ABB Transportation in Dandenong, Victoria

The NSW Endeavour is a Diesel Multiple Unit train operated by NSW TrainLink on passenger rail services in New South Wales on the Hunter Valley, Main Western, Southern Highlands and Illawarra lines. They are mechanically identical to the Xplorers and all 30 carriages were also built by ABB Transportation. Fourteen two-carriage sets were ordered in April 1992 to replace the 620/720 Class railcars, DEB set railcars and locomotive hauled services, with the first entering service in March 1994. In November 1994 one further two-carriage set was ordered.

Each Xplorer and Endeavour car is powered by a Cummins KTA-19R diesel engine rated at 383 kW at 1800 rpm. Their maximum speed is 160 km/h but in service this is limited to 145 km/h.

DCC with Sound and Light Modifications

In June 2013, Southern Rail Models released the NSW Xplorer & Endeavour DMU Sets which included the 21 Pin socket for fitting a DCC decoder and one speaker installed. In the original factory setup, there are some wiring issues which results in the railcars running in the wrong direction as displayed on your controller in both DC and DCC. Also, the lights will not operate correctly with the direction of travel. These issues need to be rectified for your model to run correctly. When operating in DC/DCC all the lights operate directional. Interior carriage lighting is also installed.

For this installation we recommend the ESU LokSound 5 (Sound) with our Custom Sound Project for the NSW Xplorer & Endeavour or the LokPilot V4.0 (No Sound) for those not wishing sound.

We offer a light modification for the Xplorer & Endeavour Models to separate the lights for a more prototypical operation.

We offer a light modification to separate the headlights from the marker and ditch lights for a more prototypical operation as many run without the headlights on during the day. The Markers/Ditch Lights will operate directionally, the Headlights at each end will operate on/off either individually or directionally. The interior lights will operate on/off on a separate function button.

The DCC Solutions Xplorer/Endeavour Custom Sound Project is packed with sounds and features like no other sound offering

So why not get fully featured sound from DCC Solutions

The DCC Solutions NSW Xplorer/Endeavour Custom Sound Project now includes these great features:

Coasting on Demand

This feature allows you to enter coasting mode whenever you want with a press of a button. Often when coming to a stop, the throttle of a real locomotive is put into Idle and the locomotive coasts to a stop. Another situation that occurs is that once a train is up to speed when operating over the

NSW's countryside, the driver can coast to maintain a certain speed. By pressing the coast function button, the sound drops into coasting and remains there. Using the throttle speed control, you can now speed up or slow down the train with the sound remaining in coasting mode.

Press the function button to exit coasting and the sound will exit and return to whatever speed is set when exiting.

Working Brake

Press the Brake Function button and your locomotive will come to a stop at a much shorter distance than if you were to bring it to a stop by reducing the throttle speed. Release the brake and your locomotive will move off again or choose to have it remain stationary when the brake is released.

Brake Squeal on Deceleration

Activate this function and when you reduce the throttle speed quickly your locomotive will slow up quicker than normal and you will hear the squeal of the brakes, accelerate to release the brakes and stop the squeal.

Random Start-up Sequences with Move Off and Stopping Sounds

Now with random start-up sequences your start up and shut down will not always sound the same.

As your locomotive begins to move off you will hear the sounds of brakes releasing with random speed activated wheel squeal or rail clanking, rail noises and other sounds. Some of these sounds are random or speed sensitive that will turn on/off automatically depending on your take off speed. When the locomotive comes to a stop you will hear the squeal of the brakes, air releases and then the compressor will cut in automatically to fill the reservoirs with air until full and will cut out.

Random Sounds

While the factory fitted sound will only offer you 1 random sound, DCC Solutions will have 6-8 random sounds that will play when either the loco is stopping or moving as we have been for years in all our Custom Sound Projects.

Opening and Closing Door Sounds

To add to the realism we have added the opening and closing door sounds incorporated with the Guard's Whistle. Imagine your railcars are waiting at the station, press the door close function button and the Guard's Whistle will sound then the doors will close and your railcars are ready to move off. Stop your railcars at the station and press the open doors to hear the doors open.

And includes all these great features to make your NSW Explorer or Endeavour drive and sound impressive.

  • Cummins 6 cylinder Diesel Prime Mover Sound.
  • Short Blast and Playable Horn.
  • Random start up and shut down sequences with the sound project remembering how it shut down to play the corresponding start up.
  • Air and Brake Release Sounds when loco moves off and stops including Brake Squeal.
  • Working Brake to bring your locomotive to a stop much quicker by applying the brake.
  • Coasting on Demand where you control the coasting.
  • Random Speed Sensitive Rail Clanking or Wheel Squeal and Rail Noises when the loco moves off.
  • Brake Squeal on Deceleration: The loco slows up as the brakes squeal while driving.
  • When the loco stops after braking the compressor cuts in to fill the reservoir and will turn off when the tanks are full.
  • Stop & Drive Random Sounds including fans, compressor, rail noise, track wheel squeal, air releases and more!
  • Doors Opening/Closing with Guard’s Whistle
  • Optional Light Modifications to control all the lights individually for more prototypical light operation.
  • High Beam Headlight Function allowing you switch the headlights from low beam to high beam and back.
  • And more (See below for full list)
  • Play 10 different sounds simultaneously.
  • Motor settings and sound volumes tuned to specifically suit the Southern Rail Xplorer/Endeavour Models.
  • Individual master sound volumes can be adjusted by the user to suit personal requirements.
  • Full 28 function button remapping to suit your personal requirements.


Standard DCC Installation: Non Sound Decoder with no Lighting Modifications.

Premium Sound Installation: ESU LokSound 5 sound decoder with our Custom Sound Project. No Lighting Modifications.

Premium Sound Installation with Light Modifications: Upgrade to 6 Function lighting outputs with the DCC Solutions Light Modification, ESU LokSound 5 programmed with our Custom Sound Project and you will have individual control of the front/rear headlights, front/rear marker lights with ditch lights and the interior lights

Here is the selection of sounds and functions available using the ESU LokSound 5 sound decoder with the light modifications.


Premium Sound Installation with Light Modifications

Function                       Description  

0 (Headlight)  Markers and Ditch Lights (Directional)

1                              Reserved

2 (Horn)                    Horn

3                              High Beam Headlight

4                              Doors Opening/Closing with Guard's Whistle

5                              Coasting On Demand

6                              Brake

7                              Brake Squeal on Deceleration

8                              Start Up/Shut Down/Mute Sound

9                              Headlights (Directional)

10                             Interior Carriage Lights

11                             Front Headlight (On/Off)

12                             Rear Headlight (On/Off)

13                             Headlight/Markers/Ditch Lights (All Directional)

14                             Reserved - For Light Mods

Function                       Description  

15                              Fan

16                              Compressor

17                              Reserved

18                              Wheel Squeal

19                              Guard's Whistle

20                              Volume Control (+/-) Double Key Press

21                              Volume Fader - Reduces Sound 50%

22                              Reserved

23                              Short Horn

24                              Reserved

25                              Shunting Mode (Reduce speed by 50%)

26                              Air Release

27                              Cab Door Open/Close

28                              Rail Joint Clanking

Note: The above functions are for the ESU LokSound 5 Decoder programmed with DCC Solutions Premium Custom Sound Installation with Light Modifications

To learn how to use these functions see the Info & Help page.

All functions can be reprogrammed to suit your own personal requirements.

Options Available

ESU LokSound 5 Sound Decoder programmed with DCC Solutions Custom Xplorer/Endeavour Sound Project

ESU LokPilot V4.0 (Non Sound Decoder)

Light Modifications

CLICK HERE to contact DCC Solutions about upgrading your NSW XPLORER & ENDEAVOUR DMU SETS