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  DCC Solutions

Southern Rail WAGR "L" Class

Now available with NEW Remastered Custom Sound Project including the

"Full Throttle - Drive Hold" feature.


About the W.A.G.R. "L" Class

The L Class are a class of diesel locomotives built by Clyde Engineering, Granville and Eagle Farm for the Western Australian Government Railways between 1967 and 1973 with a total of 27 units produced. Twenty three were initially built between October 1967 and June 1969.. In January 1972, two similar locos were built for Comalco's railway at Weipa on Cape York Peninsula but were not fitted with dynamic brakes, and weighed 148 tonnes. In 1973 an extra two were built for Western Mining. The design was based on the EMD SD40 but was reduced in height to adapted for Australian conditions. The WAGR "L" class were purchased to operate the new standard gauge railway from Perth to Kalgoorlie, which replaced the narrow gauge route.

They entered service hauling iron ore trains and during the 1980's, after the suspension of iron ore traffic, some were leased to V/Line to haul services on the standard gauge Melbourne to Albury line. One even operated through to Sydney in May 1984. When iron ore traffic re-commenced in the mid 90's, Westrail was able to acquire Comalco's R1002 in 1994 and joining the fleet as LW276. Following the delivery of the Q class locomotives in 1997, many were withdrawn and stored with those remaining in service relegated to trailing locomotive status.

In July 1998, seven were sold to Australian Transport Network. After being overhauled by National Railway Equipment Company,Whyalla, four were placed in eastern state services by ATN Access hauling grain trains in southern New South Wales and Victoria. Three were included in the sale of Australian Transport Network to Pacific National in February 2004 and have seen service from Perth to Brisbane for Pacific National. Another one was sold to Rail Technical Services, Dynon who later resold it to Interail.

All of the 22 locomotives owned Aurizon have been renumbered as the 3100 class. Those fitted with Q-Tron traction control have had the LQ prefix applied, those with ZTR traction control LZ an continued to operrate industrial and general freight in Westen Australia. Some were transferred to New South Wales to haul trains from the Manildra Group's flour mills at Gunnedah, Manildra and Narrandera to Bomaderry from 2003 until 2008.

As of late 2015, the "L" class fleet has 5 in service, 18 stored and 3 scraped.

DCC with Sound

In October 2015, Southern Rail Models released the W.A.G.R. "L" Class of Locomotives which includes a 21 Pin socket for easily fitting a DCC decoder plus a speaker enclosure that suits a 16x35mm speaker.

In addition to DCC ready model, which means the model is ready for DCC conversion but is only a DC model, the L Class is the first diesel loco introduced in Australia with a factory fitted 21 pin OEM sound decoder.

So, DCC Solutions has decided to produce our very own Custom Built Sound Project for this "L" Class Model for those wishing to later upgrade their DC model to a fully featured DCC Sound Decoder that contains additional sounds with customised sound programming plus extra features to make your "L" Class an impressive driving and sounding locomotive compared to factory OEM sound. 

The DCC Solutions W.A.G.R "L" Class Custom Sound Project is packed with sounds and features not found anywhere else!

The DCC Solutions W.A.G.R. "L" Class Custom Sound Project - EMD 16-645E3 Turbo

Our Custom Sound Project now includes these new features:

Full Throttle – Drive Hold

This feature allows you to simulate a loaded or empty train by pressing the F1 function button. When the button is pressed, the motor will remain at a constant speed, while the sound can be controlled independently by adjusting the speed on the throttle. This exciting, new feature gives the operator the ability to have the train crawl in notch 8 or coast at 100 km/h. Release the Drive Hold function button and you simply go back to throttle-controlled speed and motion. We have designed our very own version of Drive Hold that will stop your loco if you reduced the speed to zero or applied our Working Brake while Drive Hold is still activated. This will not happen with other versions of Drive Hold being offered.

Coasting on Demand

While the locomotive will automatically enter and exit coasting with sudden decreasing and increasing of your throttled speed, this feature allows you to enter coasting mode whenever you want with a press of a button.

Pressing F5 will activate coasting on demand to suit your running environment allowing variable speed coasting so changes in speed will not turn it off until you turn it off.

Working Brake

Press the Brake Function button and your locomotive will come to a stop at a much shorter distance than if you were to bring it to a stop by reducing the throttle speed. Release the brake and your locomotive will move off again or choose to have it remain stationary when the brake is released. We have designed our own version of a working brake that will actually work when Drive Hold or Coasting is activated unlike other version of this feature.

Working Dynamic Brake

Apply the Dynamic Brakes and the Prime Mover will wind down to idle while the Dynamic Fans engage to assist with cooling. Reduce the throttle and the decoder's dynamic motor logic will reduce your speed faster than normal. Disengage Dynamic Braking and the primer mover will returned to it's notched speed and the fans will turn off.

Random Start-up sequences with Move Off and Stopping Sounds

Now with random start-up sequences including hot or cold engine starts, your start up and shut down will not always sound the same.

As your locomotive begins to move off you will hear the sounds of brakes releasing with random speed activated wheel squeal, rail noises and other sounds. Some of these sounds are random or speed sensitive that will turn on/off automatically depending on your take off speed. When the locomotive comes to a stop you will hear the squeal of the brakes, air releases and then the compressor will cut in automatically to fill the reservoirs with air until full and will cut out.

And includes all these great features to make your Southern Rail WAGR "L"Class drive and sound impressive

  • EMD 16-645E3 turbocharged prime mover with Throttle Sensitive Prime Mover Sounds.
  • Short Blast and Playable Horns.
  • Random Start-up sequences including Automatic Hot or Cold Engine Start.
  • Air and Brake Release Sounds when loco moves off and stops including Brake Squeal.
  • When the loco stops after braking the compressor cuts in to fill the reservoir and will turn off when the tanks are full.
  • Speed sensitive Wheel Squeal and Rail Noise when the loco moves off.
  • Full Throttle Drive Hold - Lock the loco speed and control the sound independently to simulate a heavy loaded or empty train
  • Coasting On Demand
  • Working Brake Function
  • Working Dynamic Brake Function
  • Directional Coupling and Release including brake line release with automatic shunting speed mode.
  • Stop & Drive Random Sounds including fans, compressor, rail noise, track wheel squeal, air releases
  • Wheel Flange Squeal
  • Prototypical Ditchlight operation.
  • Low beam/High beam Headlight.
  • And more (See below for full list)
  • Motor settings and sound volumes tuned to specifically suit the Southern Rail "L" Class Locomotive Model.
  • Improved Slow Speed Motor Performance
  • Full 28 function button remapping to suit your personal requirements
  • Individual master sound volumes can be adjusted by the user to suit personal requirements.


Standard DCC Installation: Non sound DCC decoder

Standard Sound Installation: ESU LokSound Select sound decoder with ESU factory generic sound.

Premium Sound Installation: ESU LokSound V4.0 sound decoder with our Custom EMD 16-645E3 Sound Project packed with sounds and features only found at DCC Solutions

Here is the selection of sound and function labels using the ESU V4.0 Sound Decoder


Premium Sound Installation

Function                       Description

0    (HEADLIGHT)       Directional Headlights/White Marker Lights

1                              Full Throttle Drive Hold

2     (HORN)              Playable Horn

3                              Short Blast Horn

4                              Working Dynamic Brakes

5                              Coasting on Demand

6                              Brake

7                              Shunting Mode/Reduces Speed 50%

8                              Prime Mover Cold/Hot Start Up/Shut Down

9                              Front Ditch Lights Alternate Flashing with Horn

10                              Rear Red Markers (On/Off)

11                              Front Ditch Lights (On/Off)

12                              Front Red Markers (On/Off)

13                              Directional Ditch Lights

14                              Directional Coupling and Release with Shunting Mode

Function                       Description

15                              Fan

16                              EMD Air Compressor

17                              Brake Set/Release

18                              Wheel Flange Squeal

19                              Reserved

20                              Volume Control (+/-) Double Key Press

21                              Volume Fader - Reduces Sound 50%

22                              High Beam Headlight

23                              Cab Door Open/Close

24                              Sanding Valve

25                              Spitter Valve

26                              Short Air Release

27                              Front Headlight/White Markers (On/Off)

28                              Disable Move Off and Stopping Sounds

Note: The above functions are for the LokSound V4.0 Decoder programmed with DCC Solutions Custom Sound Project. The functions and sounds will be different for Alternate Sound Decoders. To learn how to use these functions see the Info & Help page. All functions can be reprogrammed to suit your own personal requirements.

Click Here to contact DCC Solutions for DCC with Sound for your W.A.G.R "L" Class today.