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  DCC Solutions

DCC Decoders for Australian Locomotives

DCC Non Sound Decoders specifically setup and programmed for Australian Model Locomotives.

Simply Plug and Go!

Nothing more to do! 

Not sure what decoder you need for your model?

Let us take away the pain and make it easy for you.

To make purchasing the right decoder, we have selected a number of Australian HO Models from our local manufacturers and have pre-programmed a decoder to suit that model with the correct decoder settings and your own Loco Call-Up DCC Address to make it run just right and this will make your purchase and install easy.

While not all the released models are listed from all the manufacturers, simply purchase the decoder for your class, tell us who made it, and we will send the correct programmed decoder to suit your model.

For example: The NSW 48 class has been released by 3 manufacturers requiring all different DCC programming setups, so purchase the decoder listed for the 48 Class and specify the manufacturer along with your Loco Call-Up DCC Address when purchasing the decoder, and we will do the rest.

The all you need to do is plug it in and away you go, nothing more to do.

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Web Store

DCC Solutions Online Store

Welcome to our online store to purchase items for your own DCC Installations.

We sell a range of products for the DIY Installers, including decoders, speakers, LEDs, connectors, wire and other accessories from leading brands as well as quality products in the DCC Solutions Brand.

Stock levels will be displayed as ONLY a guide when levels become low and may not necessarily reflect the quantity we have on hand.

UPDATE: COVID-19 (coronavirus) 

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began in March 2020 around the world, receiving products required for DCC installations has been challenging.

The delays were originally due to the timeframe international shipments were arriving into Australia, which still exists but more recently the unavailability of products due to the supply of raw materials and manufacturing delays of the products.

Unfortunately, there are a number of products especially DCC sound decoders in worldwide short supply

While our Online Store remains open for purchasing products, we apologise for items that are Sold Out and Out Of Stock but orders to replace these items are being made it just requires patience while we experience longs delays in receiving these items


If for some reason stock is not available at the time of purchase you will be notified and arrangements will be made to complete your order.

Should an item be listed as "Out of Stock" please contact us to check availability as we may have stock on hand but have yet to update the quantities on our online store.

Should you require an item not listed in our store, send us a request and we can possibly arrange to obtain it from one of our many suppliers.

Ways to make a purchase

Online Store: You can purchase directly from our online store and proceed through the PayPal’s Secure Checkout

Email your order or requests to us at [email protected] and arrange to pay by bank transfer or with your Credit Card.

Phone to place your order between 9.30am and 4.30pm AEST, Monday to Friday and arrange to pay by Bank Transfer or with your Credit Card.

We are an Authorised ESU Installation Dealer and Retailer

We are an Authorised TCS Installation Dealer and Retailer

We are an Authorised Soundtraxx Installation Dealer and Retailer

Prices listed are subject to change without notice due to currency exchange rates changes, manufacturer price rises, shipping or postal rate variations. You will be notified of any changes when your order is being processed.

All prices include 10% GST.


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