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Auscision N Class DCC Sound Installation

with Lighting Modifications

Now available with a NEW Remastered Custom Sound Project including the

"Full Throttle - Drive Hold" feature.

About the N Class

The N Class are a class of diesel locomotives built by Clyde Engineering, Somerton for V/Line between 1985 and 1987 as part of the New Deal reforms of passenger rail operations in Victoria. As part of the New Deal all B class locomotives were to be re-built as the A class for use on passenger services and only ten new N Class locomotives ordered. But by mid-1985 the rising cost of the A class conversions saw the project abandoned after 11 locomotives were completed, and the N class order increased to 25 using the parts intended for the A class conversions.

The N Class entered service in 1985 on the 1,600 mm (5 ft 3 in) gauge and operated on main lines all over the state. The N Class also saw regular use on The Overland Melbourne to Adelaide overnight service until it was withdrawn for conversion to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) gauge in March 1995. In preparation for privatisation, the operations of V/Line Freight and V/Line Passenger services were split in 1995, with the N class allocated to the passenger operator and were included in the sale to National Express in 1999. Before this time the N Class had also been used on freight services with a maximum speed of 90 km/h. During the Regional Fast Rail project, a number of shutdowns were carried out to normal passenger services, with the N class being used to haul ballast trains and grain services.

Today with the VLocity diesel multiple units having entered service, the N class play a lesser role and their main use being peak hour commuter services and InterCity services beyond the Regional Fast Rail network to Bairnsdale, Swan Hill and Warrnambool on the broad gauge and Albury on the standard gauge. 

DCC with Sound and Light Modifications

In November 2010, Auscision released the N Class locomotive which included an 8 Pin socket for easily fitting a DCC decoder but not provision for a speaker in the chassis. There are micro switches under the model for turning lights on/off in DC. In DC/DCC all lights operate directional.

We offer a light modification for Auscision's N Class to separate the lights for a more prototypical operation.

We can separate the front headlight, white markers and red marker lights for a more prototypical operational practices in DCC. Both the white and red marker lights at the front and rear can be controlled individually or directionally as well as the front and rear headlights. That allows for no rear red marker lights to be on when the loco is carrying a load behind it or you can even run with just the front white markers switched on. You can control what lights you want switched on depending on how you are running your N Class Locomotive.

Although not exactly prototypical to the Victorian lighting practices, it does offer better options than the factory lighting.

You can also still operate all the lights directional as the way the model was delivered.

For a Standard Light Modification we can separate the lights as follows:

1) Headlights - directional with 1 function

2) Marker Lights - directional with 1 function

3) Front Headlight - on/off with 1 function

4) Front White Markers - on/off with 1 function

5) Front Red Markers - on/off with 1 function

6) Rear White Markers - on/off with 1 function

7) Rear Red Markers - on/off with 1 function

For this installation we recommend the ESU LokSound V4.0 (Sound) programmed with the DCC Solutions Custom Sound Project to provide the most realistic sound for the N Class or the LokPilot V4.0 (No Sound) for those not wishing sound. Alternatively you may wish to choose the ESU Select Sound Decoder programmed with the ESU factory generic sound. We offer several different options of DCC installations using various brands of sound decoders for this model to suit all budgets and can supply the decoders/speaker only for the DIY installers.

The DCC Solutions V/Line N Class Custom Sound Project - EMD 12-645E3

Our Custom Sound Project now includes these new features:

Full Throttle – Drive Hold

This feature allows you to simulate a loaded or empty train by pressing the F1 function button. When the button is pressed, the motor will remain at a constant speed, while the sound can be controlled independently by adjusting the speed on the throttle. This exciting, new feature gives the operator the ability to have the train crawl in notch 8 or coast at 100 km/h. Release the Drive Hold function button and you simply go back to throttle-controlled speed and motion.

Coasting on Demand

Pressing F5 will activate coasting on demand to suit your running environment allowing variable speed coasting so changes in speed will not turn it off until you turn it off.

Working Brake

Press the Brake Function button and your locomotive will come to a stop at a much shorter distance than if you were to bring it to a stop by reducing the throttle speed. Release the brake and your locomotive will move off again or choose to have it remain stationary when the brake is released.

Move Off and Stopping Sounds

When your locomotive begins to move you will hear the sounds of brakes releasing plus some random sounds programmed into our Custom Sound Project that are activated with the moving off and stopping of the locomotive to add to the realism.

Remastered Horn Sounds

A new remastered Leslie SuperTyfon RS-5T playable and short blast horn

And includes all these great features to make your Auscision N Class drive and sound impressive.

  • Remastered EMD 12-645E3 Prime Mover Sound
  • Automatic Hot or Cold Engine Start
  • Leslie SuperTyfon RS-5T Long and Short Blast Horn
  • Brake Release Sounds when the locomotive moves off.
  • Random Stopping Sounds including Brake Squeal.
  • When the loco stops after braking the compressor cuts in to fill the reservoir and will turn off when the tanks are full.
  • Speed sensitive Wheel Squeal and Rail Noise when the loco moves off.
  • Full Throttle Drive Hold - Lock the loco speed and control the sound independently to simulate a heavy loaded or empty train
  • Proper Working Dynamic Brakes: When engaged the prime mover winds down to idle as the Dynamic Brake Fan runs and the engine brakes faster due to Dynamic Brake motor logic of the ESU decoder. Disengage and the prime mover will shift back to its prior notch and continues along.
  • Coasting On Demand
  • Working Brake to bring your locomotive to a stop
  • Coupling and Release with brake line release
  • Stop & Drive Random Sounds including fans, compressor, rail noise, track wheel squeal, air releases
  • Manual Ratchet Handbrake
  • Modified Lighting Option for more prototypical light operation.
  • Low beam to High beam Headlight operation
  • And more (See below for full list)
  • Motor settings and sound volumes tuned to specifically suit the Auscision N Class Locomotive Model.
  • Individual master sound volumes can be adjusted by the user to suit personal requirements.
  • Full function button remapping to suit your personal requirements.


Standard DCC Installation: Non sound decoder with no lighting modifications.

Standard Sound Installation: ESU SELECT sound decoder with ESU factory sound file.

Premium Sound Installation: ESU V4.0 sound decoder with our custom N Class Prime Mover sound project. No lighting modifications.

Premium Sound Installation and Light Modification: Upgraded to 6 Function lighting outputs with the DCC Solutions Light Modification and our custom N Class Prime Mover sound project that allows you individual control of the front/rear white markers, front/rear red markers, front and rear headlights using the function buttons on your DCC throttle.

Here is the selection of sound and function labels using the ESU V4.0 Sound Decoder


Premium Sound Installation and Light Modifications

with ESU Full Throttle Drive Hold Feature

Function                       Description  

0 (HEADLIGHT)          Directional Headlights

1                              Full Throttle Drive Hold

2 (HORN)                  Leslie SuperTyfon RS-5T Playable Horn

3                              Leslie SuperTyfon RS-5T Short Blast Horn

4                              Dynamic Brakes

5                              Coasting on Demand

6                              Brake

7                              Shunting Mode/Reduces Speed 50%

8                              Prime Mover Cold/Hot Start Up/Shut Down

9                              Front White Markers

10                              Rear Red Markers

11                              Rear White Markers

12                              Front Red Markers

13                              Directional Markers Lights

14                              Coupling (Reverse) /Uncoupling (Forward) [CV48]

Function                       Description  

15                              Fan

16                              Compressor

17                              Manual Handbrake Ratchet

18                              Wheel Flange Squeal

19                              Guard's Whistle

20                              Volume Control (+/-) Double Key Press

21                              Volume Fader - Reduces Sound 50%

22                              High Beam Headlight

23                              Cab Door Open/Close

24                              Sanding Valve

25                              Spitter Valves

26                              Short Air Release

27                              Front Headlight On/Off

28                              Disable Move Off and Stopping Sounds

Note: The above functions are for the LokSound V4.0 Decoder programmed with DCC Solutions Custom Victorian N Class Sound Project.

The functions and sounds will be different for the LokSound Select and other brand sound decoders.

To learn how to use these functions see the Info & Help page. All functions can be reprogrammed to suit your own personal requirements.

Options Available

ESU LokSound V4.0 Sound Decoder programmed with DCC Solutions Custom Victorian N Class Sound Project

ESU LokSound Select Sound Decoder programmed with ESU generic sound file

ESU LokPilot V4.0 (Non Sound Decoder)

Alternate Brand (Soundtraxx, TCS) Sound or non Sound Decoders

Supply only Decoder and Speaker for DIY Installations

CLICK HERE to contact DCC Solutions for DCC and Sound + Light Modifications for your Auscision N Class