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ESU Decoder for the Auscision "V Set"

$90.00 $101.00

This reliable ESU LokPilot V4.0 Dual Mode DCC/DC decoder with BEMF, 4 light functions with the function outputs as well as the motor output protected against overload has been programmed by DCC Solutions with motor settings, lighting and your loco DCC Address to suit the "V" Set model from Auscision. This model utilizes the 21 Pin socket for an easy DCC installation. We have adjusted the settings of the decoder for slow speed performance.

The Auscision NSW "V Set" Interurban Electric Train will require 2 decoders for the model to be able to operate the front and rear lights in both directions. A motor/lights DCC decoder is needed in the front power car and lights only DCC decoder is needed in the rear car as there are no wired connections between the cars.

We will match and programmed 2 quality DCC non sound decoders with exactly the same programming capabilities, options and functions to enable your "V Set" to run and operate the lights correctly.

Package Includes:

1 x ESU LokPilot V4.0 (Non Sound) DCC Decoder for use in the front powered car.

1 x ESU LokPilot FX 4.0 (Function) DCC Decoder for use in the rear trailing car.

Suitable for the new release HO model of the NSW "V Set" Interurban Electric Train from Auscision.

The decoder will be pre-programmed before shipment to make your DCC installation a simple PLUG and GO! Too easy! :D:)

What would you like as the DCC Address for your "V Set"

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