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ESU Decoder for the Austrains 80 Class

$40.00 $45.00

This reliable ESU LokPilot Standard Dual Mode DCC/DC decoder with BEMF, 4 light functions with the function outputs as well as the motor output protected against overload has been programmed by DCC Solutions with motor settings, lighting and your loco ID number to suit the 80 Class model from Austrains. We have adjusted the settings of the decoder for slow speed performance.

  Note: This model requires a hardwired DCC installation as it is not DCC Ready.

Let us know your prefer Locomotive ID call-up number and we will program the decoder to suit that your model before we send it out. So when the decoder arrives, it will be required that you hard wire the decoder in the model. No additional programming, unless of course you want to personalise it to suit the rest of you fleet.

Dimensions: 1.00" x 0.61" x 0.18" or 25.5mm 15.5mm 4.5mm

Suitable for the HO model 80 Class from Austrains. The decoder will be pre-programmed before shipment to make your DCC installation a little easier. :)

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What would you like as the DCC Address for your 80 Class

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