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DCCS Speaker "High Bass" Performance Dynamic Speaker 31x28mm

$24.00 $31.95

The DCCS - "HIGH BASS"  31x28mm High Performance Speaker is a square speaker containing a quality rare earth magnet which produces incredibly big sound and is fitted with an ABS enclosure designed for optimum sound output.

With 150mm of lead wires already attached to the speaker makes for easier installations.

This speaker includes a sound enclosure making the overall size 31 x 28 x 14.8mm. Featuring 8 ohm Impedance with low bass frequency range this speaker is suitable for use with ESU LokSound, TCS WOW, Soundtraxx Tsunami, Econami Sound Decoders, Digitrax or any sound decoder that requires an 8 ohm speaker where more bass is required.

It includes side mounting lugs which extends the speaker dimensions to 31 x 43.2 x 14.8mm. These lugs can be removed if space is limited and the speaker being mounted with double sided tape or glue.

Suitable for "O" Scale and larger locomotives


DCCS -"HIGH BASS" 31x28 Specifications:

Total Height with Enclosure - 14.8mm

Total Size with Enclosure - 31mm x 28mm

Impedance - 8 ohms

Nominal Power Rating - 2.0 Watt

Max Power Rating - 3.0 Watt

Frequency Range - 450Hz~16kHz

Sound Pressure Level - 82db

Magnet - Rare Earth

Leads - Yes,150mm attached.

Mounting Lugs - Yes, removable.

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