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DCCS - Speaker 16x35mm 8 ohm 2 watt w/ Enclosure For All Decoder Brands

$12.00 $15.95

Retail Price: $15.95 OUR PRICE $12.00

This medium sized rectangle 8 ohm speaker is a perfect fit for many narrow body diesel locomotives and steam locomotive tenders. Good all round speaker producing great sounds that will bring your sound locomotive to life. :D 

Producing sounds with the clarity and volume of a much larger speaker these 16mm x 35mm speakers are perfect for diesel installations that still require BIG sound

DCCS 16358E Speaker Specifications:

Speaker Size: 16x35mm

Enclosure Size: 18.5mm x 37.5mm

Enclosure Height: 9.5mm

8 ohm

2 Watt

Sound enclosure Included

The speaker is suitable for use with ESU Sound Decoders.

The speaker is also suitable for use with Soundtraxx, TCS, Digitrax, Zimo, QSI, MRC or any sound decoder requiring an 8 ohm speaker.

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