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Econami ECO-100 Digital Sound Decoder - Diesel P.N.882001

$125.00 $155.00

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This decoder requires an 8 ohm Speaker, Sold separately. :o

Visit our SPEAKER PAGE to select a speaker. :)

Now the biggest name in sound is also the biggest name in value!

Econami is a full-featured line of digital sound decoders designed with value in mind.

Econami is an all-new line of sound decoders that is lower in price without a sacrifice in quality and we think Econami is a game-changer for model train sound decoders.

Our smallest sound decoder, this micro 1-amp, universal-style format is ideal for small models with minimal space. It includes an optional capacitor

This decoder is for Hard Wired Applications. 

Does not include 8 pin plug.

Diesel Features

  • Auto-manual RPM-notching mode: Default settings support auto-notching and function-activated manual notching simultaneously; control the engine-RPM sound effect across eight notches (idle speed to notch with the RPM+ and RPM- function keys and allow the decoder to automatically regulate RPM notching in response to throttle changes.
  • Enable manual notching with engine interlock
  • Dynamic braking mode selections: Select dynamic braking modes to alter the engine-RPM notch setting when the dynamic brake function is turned on.
  • 5 Prime Mover Selections on 1 Sound Decoder
  1. EMD 567(non-turbo)
  2. EMD 645 (turbo)
  3. EMD 710 (turbo)
  4. GE FDL-16 (modern)
  5. ALCO 244
  • 16 Airhorn
  • 2 Compressors
  • 6 Bells
  • 3 Couplers
  • Dynamic Brake
  • Radiator Fans
  • Poppet Valve
  • Emergency Brake Application
  • Brake Squeal/Release


Econami is the most feature-packed decoder at its price-point. While it is lower in price, Econami provides more sounds, lighting effects, and advanced motor control features than comparable products. Available in three board formats (1-amp micro, 1-amp NMRA 21-pin, and a 4-amp format), the versatile Econami line includes 4 to 6 lighting outputs and 12 polyphonic channels that deliver 16-bit sound. Now sound is a viable option for new modelers, as well as those seeking a budget-friendly solution to bring more of their models to life.


Although it’s a value line, Econami does not skimp on quality or features. Econami uses many of the same excellent sound files found in the Tsunami product line, as well as some new recordings. Many of the features found in Tsunami are also in the new Econami, including the F11 brake, 7-band equalizer, independent volume control, Hyperlight lighting effects, and more!


New Features

Econami includes exciting new features, such as our new Flex-Map technology for hassle-free function mapping of any effect to any F28 key, as well as to directional keys and the E-Stop button. Also incorporated are the 3-point speed curves, as well as Hyperdrive2 motor control for optimal slow-speed performance right out of the package.


There is also an auto-manual notching mode in the diesel version that allows manual ramping up and down of the prime mover while still employing the auto-notch feature.     


Econami also includes new Hyperlight effects, such as opposite dim and an F11 brake light 

Econami ECO-100 (P.N.882001)

Installation Method: Hardwired

Dimensions: 27 x 10.5 x 5mm

Max. Motor Stall Current: 1A

Function Outputs: 4

Audio Amplifier: 1W @ 8 Ohm Load

DCC Track Voltage: 10 - 22 Volts

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