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DCCS - "NANO 8" Half Round High Performance Dynamic Speaker 8x12mm

$13.00 $18.00

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NEW to the DCCS range of High Performance Dynamic Speakers for Model Locomotives.

Our range of speakers are designed to fit inside locomotives with limited space where other speakers simply won't fit and yet provide superior sound performance like no other on the market.

The DCCS - "NANO" is our smallest compact rectangular speaker that has incredible sound for its size when fitted inside our precision engineered enclosure. Don't be fooled by their size as these speakers show a significant improvement in sound quality over other speakers on the market. Great speaker for N-Scale Models

The DCCS - "NANO" will provide outstanding sound performance for a speaker of this size. This speaker includes a half round sound enclosure making the overall size 8.3 x 12.5 x 6.3 mm. Great for fitting inside a round steam locomotive boiler.

Featuring 8 ohm Impedance this speaker is suitable for use with ESU LokSound, TCS WOW, Soundtraxx Tsunami2 and Econami Sound Decoders, Digitrax, MRC, QSI, Zimo or any brand of sound decoder that requires an 8 ohm speaker. Check your decoder manufacturer’s speaker specifications before installation.

DCCS "NANO' Speaker Specifications:

Total Height with Enclosure - 6.3mm

Total Size with Enclosure - 8.3mm x 12.5mm

Impedance - 8 ohms

Nominal Power Rating - 0.5 Watt

Max Power Rating - 0.7 Watt

Frequency Range - 400Hz~20kHz

Max. Sound Pressure Level - 68db

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