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LED SMD 0402 ULTRA FLAT 0.2mm WHITE - With Magnet Wires 2 Pack

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Pack of 2 LEDs with resistors

Premium Special Edition for the Model Railway Enthusiast  

Ultra Flat 0.2mm high Pure White 402 SMD LED

Magnet wire attached

Perfect for headlights or marker lights in model diesel locomotives


The illumination colour is PURE WHITE. The LED has 0.1 mm magnet wire covered with an electrical-isolating clear lacquer coating which is soldered onto the rear whereby both wires are leading flat in the same direction for space saving. This kind of soldering is very extensive and difficult to perform.The wire length is about 160 mm. For easy connection, the Cathode (-) is about 10 mm shorter than the Anode (+)


These LEDs have a new special ultra flat housing, only 0.2mm high which is about half the height of ordinary commercially availble LEDs in the 0402 series.


Supplied with appropriate resistor.


• Component type: SMD LED 0402

• Wires Attached: 0.1mm magnet wire

• Maximum allowable forward voltage for Pure White: 3.0 V

• Maximum allowable operating current: 20 mA

• Dimensions SMD LED 0402 ultraflat: 1.0 x 0.5 x 0.2 mm (LxWxH)





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