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DCC Solutions

For DCC and Sound Installations

Sales and DCC Repairs

  Authorised Retailer/Installer

Our aim at DCC Solutions is to provide high quality professional DCC conversions and modifications for the Australian Railway Modeller.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the way model locomotive's lighting operates in hope that we can replicate the Australian prototype. With the increasing number of Australian manufacturers including the 21 Pin MTC socket for easily fitting a DCC decoder, we now manufacture a 2 and 4 Function Power Amplifier that works with the ESU LokSound Range of 21 Pin decoders, such as the LokSound Select, LokSound V4.0 or LokPilot V4.0 to assist with making lighting modifications. This allows us to double the functions of the 21 pin decoders from 4 to 8 light functions.

In our installations we recommend to use the ESU range of quality decoders due to the fact we can provide our own Custom Sound Projects relevant to our Unique Australian Locomotive sounds.

Don't just settle for American generic sounds in your Australian locos, get Australian sounds instead with DCC Solutions.

We can also install decoders from TCS (Train Control Systems) and Soundtraxx if requested.

We can provide reprogramming and sound file updates for ESU Decoders.

Customised and create our own ESU LokSound V4.0 sound projects.

Reprogramming TCS and Soundtraxx decoders.

Offer advice on the best options for converting your locomotive to DCC.

For those who have attempted installing a decoder and something has gone wrong..... don't worry!

We can repair and complete your installation.

If something has gone wrong with your DCC equipped loco let us get it back on the rails working again.

Although we concentrate on Australian models we also convert American, British and European locos so those modellers are not left out.

DCC Solutions is the No.1 place to come for DCC installations, modifications, sales and repairs.

And just remember..... "A quality DCC installation does not pays in the long term"


DCC Solutions

Providing quality DCC installations and modifications

ABN 66 253 707 808